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Originally Posted by Hectic View Post
I got two bruised ribs once from reballs damn things are heafty and dense and i seen a mask lense crack like a windshield from a frozen ball noone likez frozen balls of any kind. Lol i made a funny.
Also the ammount of people who are clearly splatered with paint who try n say it was spray off a wall or try n whipe it off on a wall or tree to claim they didnt get hit far fewwer "cheaters" in airsoft and in most cases in airsoft its just an honest mistake of not feelin it through mitiple layer of clothing and or gear.
Horray airsoft lol.
I use repalls only for practice into a blanket, but don't like to be hit by them in a game.

Reballs are suppose to be chrony a 260fps, but some players cheat by cranking up the velocity to 280 fps.
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