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Originally Posted by boogiebot View Post
i had an m4 in mind. hectic i was thinking of going the route you suggested before i made this post. perhaps buying a cheaper gun (full metal) and then just upgrading the heck out of it. this is really more of a fun side project. will keep you guys posted if i move forward.
I'm actually about $500 into a "from scratch" project and it's still not done (I had to put it on the backburner when I left BC).

What I suggest is start off with a basegun and customize that. It's easier to have a "3D instruction guide" than it is to build off a bunch of parts.

Don't mix and match upgrade parts and find things you like.

So for example my custom AR15 is something unique that I like, it's a varminter/match rifle. I've got an 18" "Stainless Steel" barrel (aluminum with a "steel finish") with a Bushmaster "Varminter" handguard. It looks really cool. And for the rear I've got a skeleton style stock on it.
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