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Agreed so we are all left with the option we almost all take buy a full metal clone for half the price of a tm and put the difference of cost toward reshiming beter pistons and gearsets better hop ups and such. Just the nature of the game for us i spose. Yes it would be great if TM would start makin full metal 350-400fps guns for export only (tho i think their laws forbid them from doing so) or have a factory in the us or in europe to make them but they have all the market they alrdy need so we are of little concern to them.
Plus there are a host of aftermarket metal bodies gearbox parts and all thjngs airsoft to cater to those who dont have such laws to obide by that they may be too late to even consider doing it cause folks are set on the buy it and rebuild it trend alrdy.
Lets keep in mind tho that the guns commin out of china are 10 times beter today quality wise then the wer 5-10 years ago. Companiez like JG and CYMA are as of late producing quite good clones with full metal bodies out of the box. There are others i just havsnt handled any of em to say one way or another how good or bad they are but the cyma mp5 i had back in the day was subpar compared to the mp5k ive been lookin at and the jg/echo1 m4 i just picked up has a much beter plastic body and much quieter gearbox then the first jg m4 (my first aeg) that i got in 2007.
So things (in the clone world) are getting alot beter with time as they refine tbeir manufacturing and qc processes and materials get beter.
Of course itll be a long ass time befor a tm or a clone will have the tech that goes into a sytema but it may happen one day maybe our grandkids will see it lmao.
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