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Yeah, TM is pretty much the top of the line, but only because of their quality control. But you shouldn't say "you have to spend twice as much on a TM than you would on that JG, AND you have to put up with having a plastic body". In 20 years, another company should have come along and established itself for the non-Japanese markets.

KSC has done this for gas blowback, with their KWA distribution in North America, but it hasn't really caught on with their KWA AEGs. At least not in Canada.

You're right, if we all ran TMs at their intended FPS, then all would be great with their gear. But we don't have the laws that Japan has in place, so we increase the velocity for better performance (not saying faster always equals better, but you know what I mean). If this were nearly any other industry, if the Japanese guns can't keep up then some other company would have come along to cater to the North American and EU markets.

In our case, no one has stepped up, AND it's expensive (and relatively rare, compared to clones) to get your hands on a TM, so most people are running around with a crappy V2 clone in their hand.
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