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Lmao that was funny.
I see what u are sayin but alot the qc issues u speak of are not relevant when you buy a TM its just the clusterfuck of china clones and american rebranded china clones like echo1 that have the issues and echo1 are jg's bdought to the us opened up reshimed regrease baisicly given a good qc process then sold under the echo1 name at least that what the wer a few years back not sure if they have started manufatcuring but id imagine they still just rebrand china clone stuff. Buy a tm open it up and see they are almost always percectly shimmed and greassd and run around 280fps springs so they are reliable and last a long ass time. 400fps isnt needed and the original desing wasnt intended to run that high its clone stuff from china for the us and eu market whers faster and harder is considered the bemchmark for beter that causez reliability issues and such. If we all ran tms at 300fps ish the field would be equal and noone would have a need for 400fps but "all the other kids are doin it" type thinking means we all gotta have 400fps ish guns and means we all gotta deal with the reliability issues that come along with ghe high fps setups.
I had stock tm mp5 back in the day thag performed just as good as my stock jg m4 with much better externals on the tm. Just it couldnt keep up with all the 400fps guns that folks built up outta tm base guns. It out shot almost every clone tho as far as accuracy just lacked a lil in range do to the 100+fps difference
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Thanks Hectic,
While your posts are sometimes a difficult read, you sure are helpfull
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