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Originally Posted by Hectic View Post
it works well for PB cause well they cant really use hop up without breakin paint filled projectiles in their guns so the issues outweigh the benifates
What about the apex which works exactly like a hop up system except for it puts back spin on the ball at the end of the barrel and if using woodsball paint as opposed to tourny grade paint you will have little to no barrel breaks as tourny paint is much more brittle than woodsball paint

In fact the apex has been used by woodsball players for years they even sell it in a package including apex barrel and tip

also all those companies tying to use gas or the bolt to give the ball back spin they're research and products have been unfounded in fact on a fourm called tech pb there is a section called punk works where they test the legitimacy of said claims

Go check it out if you want it's quite interesting and I wish we had something like that on here

not sure if anyone mentioned this but there is also First strike rounds for paintball which put's a stabilizing spin on the paintball which have a bullet shape to them
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