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there are actually 6mm paint balls but they only work in guns without hop up or they wind up busting in the gun, an ddont expect the "gucci" airsofters to let you shoot paint at their baby puke i mean multicam and yes i agree the quick change spring option is one thing that airsoft needs to become standard, even the one where ther is just a cap at the rear of the gearbox would be fine, no need foir fancy two peice designs just a lil redisign is all that would be needed but if that is an important feature for you then just be sure to buy guns with that feature, to me tho it would be nice its not all that important, having a long ass m16 or even an m4 with a longish barrel just doesnt work for me in CQB anyhow so a seccond gun is almost a givin, i personnaly have never opened up a new gun to reshim or what have you and even my first JG m4 went for a long ass time befor the gearbox cracked in the cold.most guns dont need to be reshimed out of the box, of course the OCD types among us will tell you that they can shim it beter and they likely can but its not gonna make that huge of a difference on longevity as justr buying a higer end gun is gonna make, JG's at the time i got mine wer branded as being poorly shimmed and overgreased but mine worked fine outta the box and lasted years befor it busted fro mtoo much dry fire in the cold at 400fps. mofset to adjust rate of fire and burst settings and such are relatively new to airsoft just lkie lipo is and as more n more folks start to use lipo and more n more guns come with such cramped space that lipo is the only option more n more guns will start to come with mofset out of the box.
also keeping in mind comparing a Systema with a JG/TM/VFC or whatever other kind of AEG is also back to the Microsoft/Apple comparison obviously you are gonna get alot more for two g's then yer gonna get for three hundred bucks lol
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Thanks Hectic,
While your posts are sometimes a difficult read, you sure are helpfull
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