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Originally Posted by Hectic View Post
yes the gear box ir relatively unchanged in 20 years but there isnt really much room for improvement on the disign of the gearbox and the improvements have been made by either aftermarket parts or v3 boxes and so on.
Why should I have to buy an aftermarket gear box shell and put a little bit of padding at the front of the shell where the piston hits it, just so I can run a stronger spring without fear of the piston or shell exploding on impact when I pull the trigger?
Why isn't there a little screw I can turn to alter the spring tension, so that I don't have to change the spring?
Why do I need to change my gears or reshim them when I buy my gun?
Why don't I have a board that lets me adjust the rate of fire/burst?
Why am I afraid that the gearbox will explode when I open it, and have to delicately put it all back together?

Some of these are little things, that you would hope proper quality control, and good materials would fix. We play a game where we accept and expect that we're spending several hundred dollars on a gun, that has incredibly poor internals.
We're scared to open our internals, because we're afraid we can't put them back together.
We make serious suggestions like "well if you're going to be playing a lot of indoor and outdoor games, you may as well just buy a second lower for your M4, because it's easier to just swap the lower, than open up your gearbox and swap an M90 spring with an M120".

We don't want this, but it's all that we're offered.

Paintball vs airsoft is like the PC vs apple (respectively) in the aspect of hardware.

Saying "there's three gears in your gearbox. You can't do much about needing to keep them aligned" is like saying "the Retina display is attached to your macbook. You can't 'just replace the display'". Stystema and ICS have had split gearboxes/quick swap cylinders for years now, where you don't need to go near the gears if you wanted to change the springs, and so far the Katana is the only thing coming close to having something similar. There's a handful of gearbox models that allow you to adjust the spring without opening the gearbox.

The autococker (<3 it) is a "complicated" mechanism. But people didn't sit around and say "well, it works, and there's not much you can do about it. If your cycle timing is off, just sit there for a few hours and get it working again". They went off and designed new mechanisms.

Edit: there's also a problem with marking. Seeing one of Jimski's posts has reminded me that there's still no fucking sticky peanut butter projectiles. Why do you people put up with this lack of sticky peanut butter?!

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