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i'm saying lets push the design limits of these things! a 6 mm bb with fins and a rifled barrel could revolutionize the range and accuracy of airsoft as it did with paintball.
check the Rap 4 site closely in teh link i provided no "rifling" in the barrel i dont think but the fins on the rap 4 "not bb's" are tilted to give the spiraling effect,
next thing the did was release a hop up version of their airsot barrel then an adjustable hop up version because it is more effective then the finned projectile. it works well for PB cause well they cant really use hop up without breakin paint filled projectiles in their guns so the issues outweigh the benifates, they have tryed to impose a "hop up" like effect on painballs for years with different methods of gas flow and such but in the end it wasnt all that effective like hop up is to airsoft
i think teh one odd thing they did is what turns folks off is that their barrels are tapered from 8mm somethin down to 6.05ish
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Thanks Hectic,
While your posts are sometimes a difficult read, you sure are helpfull
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