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Originally Posted by Deadpool View Post
If they'd banned airsoft everytime there was a dumbass being caught shooting his airsoft/bb/pellet gun at cars in public, we would'nt be playing airsoft rightnow. (and saying its not a big deal that this happens doesnt effect the whole community?)

do a little media search and you'll see how many times that happens.( it happens quite often, but that being said you shouldnt be endorsing it by saying the sky isnt falling)

Yes they were stupid, But at least the news media didn't go after the story with pitchforks. EDIT: Has not yet gone after the story with pitchforks.

As I said, the sky isn't falling. Carry on.
All in all you are beginning to flame this. This is a incident that make the entire imitation uncontrolled firearm community look bad. by saying its not the end of the world and they are just dumbasses is overlooking the fact that this COULD seriously impact the sport. Like they are trying to do in york region right now due to multiple incidents.
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