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Ya it is definately alot easyer said then done lol andbyoir always beter to start with a base gun then youll have all the lil bits that make it tic some of them that are nearly imposible to find on their own lil springs and such
Decide what youd like to build buy a base gun that has the most expensive of the parts if u wanna build a full metal and wood ak buy a cyma or somethin that alrdy has a full metal and wood body and beef up the innards to where you want or start with a kraken and buy a wood kit and metal body dun it till somethin breaks then replace/upgrade as needed then you wont have to put out all the cash at once. Or you can just buy a realsword ak do some minor tweaking and have arguably ond of the nicest arisoft aks in production. For comparison buyin a metal body wood kit a drop in gear box a hop up an inner barrel a motor wiring sights will cost prolly doubble a realsword and tripple a cyma and even if you can get all the parts to mesh together nicely you will still be missing some lil bits to get it in running condition.
Id say start with either the cheapest plastic body gun with ddcent internals ie a jg/echo1 and buy the externals you want. Or do the oposite grab a gun with great externals you want and biuild up the internals as the need it. I guess a cyma or even a full metal echo 1 or a realsword or even a g&g or king arms. Dependant on what modle of gun u are after.
I just used the ak as an example diffdrent companies make some guns nicer then others and all.
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Thanks Hectic,
While your posts are sometimes a difficult read, you sure are helpfull
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