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My M15A4 Sportline has kicked the bucket

Just an hour ago I was having some fun with my stock CA M15A4 Sportline Rifle, shooting a couple targets with rapid semi-auto fire. After going through three 85-round VN mid-caps and one 190-round VN high-cap, my gun quits on me and absolutely doesn't do anything (doesn't make a single sound) when I pull the trigger.

I immediately removed the rear stock and checked the 20A fuse in the wire set to see if that was the issue; it was still completely intact. I then directly connected the mini-Tamiya connector coming right out of the mechbox to a charged-up Ni-MH stick battery from my father's CYMA CM042S AKS AEG; I tried both of his stick batteries one at a time and my gun was still dead.

When my gun failed there was still a BB chambered in the hop-up unit; I had to dislodge it using the supplied cleaning/unjamming rod. I'm concerned that the mechbox spring might still be compressed, so I've included some pictures of the mechbox in the gun so you guys can look and see if that's the case or not:

Also, I was a bit disappointed to see that Classic Army had installed an M4-length 363mm barrel in my gun, instead of a typical M16-length 509mm barrel (I guess I got what I paid for):

Isn't using a short barrel with an unported mechbox cylinder a bad combo, as explained by MadMax in this old thread?

Could my stock motor have blown, or is there also something wrong with my stock mechbox as well?
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