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Originally Posted by ardo View Post
These are awesome groups, as good or better as I'd get from my fully tuned RS Shadow. I assume XDM would give similar results?
Keep in mind, that the photo of the grouping which I'd posted above, was from a highly tuned Hi-Capa. The grouping with a stock gun would be a bit wider, but at 7m, the difference would be minimal, if even noticeable. Ammunition also makes a huge difference. Notice that I was using 0.30g Marui Superior Grade BB's in that test. Shooting 0.20g BB's would have a dramatically different result, even at 7m.

I can consistently hit a 4" popper at 10m with a stock Marui GBB. In general, ANY Tokyo Marui GBB will be able to get groupings similar to each other, across the entire product line - given some basic similarities (ie, barrel length.)

Only at longer distances, are the differences in groupings much more apparent. I'm still able to consistently hit targets with my tiny Detonics, despite it's shorter barrel and shorter sight radius compared to almost all other GBB's in the entire Marui line up.

Originally Posted by ardo View Post
Ironically, I do have a RS XDM-40, but was never crazy about the ergonomics. And, it wouldn't fit into the holster I use for the Shadow.
Another gun that has a somewhat similar ergonomic grip to the CZ Shadow, may be the PX4. That's actually a really nice feeling pistol, and is one of my favorites. In the hand, it feels the nicest amongst all of Marui's GBB's.
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