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One thing to note between airsoft and paintball would be cost, realism and overall fun while playing.

Cost is a slight win for airsoft, anyone can go get a springer or a cheap JG or G and G AEG from between 100-200$, most players pack that will actually work well for paintball( no 39$ walmart pumpers) your going to need to get a tippmann, that will run you 150 bucks and a hopper and a tank and a mask. it will all come out to a reasonably equal amount of cost. Airsoft kind of wins in this category as BB's are Far cheaper then paintballs.

Realism: Airsoft wins. No hopper, no huge tanks, just magazines and hidden batteries, if you want realism you get yourself a GBBR and that s*** is realistic, 30 round magazines, open bolt blowbacks.

Overall Fun while playing: I think airsoft takes this one, if i get hit in airsoft "oww, i am out" compared to paintball, you get shot in the lower park of your facemask you are going to be having a paint snack, also, you then have to spend 25 minutes to clean your gear in the staging area. Also some low quality paints damage clothing, another thing to would be geting overshot, in air soft i have rarely been light up while walking out, whereas with paintball there are so many 12 year olds they'll shoot their own teammates so they can tell their buddies in the staging area they rock and got "Mad kills".

Average age for airsoft i would say would be 20-21 compared to paintball where the average age is about 15-16 in my experience.

Edit :the cost factor was just as a starting point, Obviously if i go out and get systema PTW it wont be 100-200 bucks.

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