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Originally Posted by ThunderCactus View Post
I personally don't see how watching a car make left turns for 500 laps requires any skill
So I'm die hard formula 1
F1? How about MotoGP and Dakkar Rally?

@OP: It's a bit of a loaded question. I'm kind of getting into stock class paintball because it's easy to grab your gear and go out to a PB field to play with it and spend like $20 for a day of play. Whether or not I'd actually be any good against people with 20+ BPS ramped electro markers is another question.

Also I find that day skirmish airsofters tend to be really trigger happy and dump hundreds of BB's with no qualms (looking at you mag ticklers...). Which is part of the reason why stock class (or super stock/modified stock) looks appealing to me from what I've researched and daysim/milsim games with ammo restrictions are more my cup of tea.
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