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Is paintball better than airsoft?

Hey guys the tittle bring you in? hehehe

I used to play pro paintball, I played many turnements all around the world including nppl Huntington Beach, played for some big teams, including meeting Oliver Lang many times..... I'm also a certified eclipse and dye/proto tech but I can tech any marker. I also played woodsball including wassaga beach paintball big game every year with a full woodsball set up do to sponsorships.. Over 2000 people. Blah blah blah and I have to say for the time I went airsofting at ultimate airsoft yesterday night! I have never had as much fun in my entire life doing another hobby or sport! I am now leaving paintball, and won't go back.

I'm am now completely addicted to airsoft! F&@$ paintball

Thanks for reading
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