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Originally Posted by ardo View Post
Was your TM accurate out of the box, or did you have to upgrade? Do you know the group size from, say, 6-7m?
You should easily be able to consistently put shots in to a 3 cm hole at 7m, when shooting a brand new out of the box TM GBB.

With a few upgrades, you can tighten that up dramatically.

Originally Posted by ardo View Post
Is Hi-Capa's trigger like the 1911 trigger in RS, with almost no pre-travel & no travel? This might also be a problem for me: I need the trigger action to be similar to my CZ Shadow RS. Tanfoglio AS was close enough.
Exactly the same. Most of the mechanics are very similar, specifically for the TM 1911/Hi-Capa series.

You might want to check out the TM XDM. Similar style trigger, and ergonomic grip. Obviously, there are differences in the platforms, but hopefully, that might point you in the direction you're looking for.
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