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Originally Posted by ardo View Post
The gun jams & won't go into battery.

I lubed it religiously every 150 or so rounds.

I'd love to upgrade to a better GBB, but here's the thing: Tanfoglio Limited closely resembles my IPSC Production gun (CZ75 Shadow). It even fits my production holster. If I go the TM Hi-Capa route I'm afraid the trigger feel won't be the same.

All in all, I will probably go for another Tanfoglio. I will try to JBWeld the slide first & see if it helps. Besides, I don't see any reputable retailer in Canada carrying this gun, just a couple of surplus stores - been there, done that...

Your first issue was buying a KWC. They aren't known to be high quality guns.

Have you though about a KWA CZ75? It would be very similar and much better quality.

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