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Thanks ThunderCactus and Rusty Lugnuts on your insights to the inconsistency of mechbox quality and longevity from one airsoft gun manufacturer. I guess I won't be able to know how good of a Sportline mechbox I got until my first couple of real games. When it breaks, I've decided to just get a high-quality complete drop-in V2 mechbox to replace it, and use the Sportline mechbox to get hands-on practice with assembling, disassembling, and changing the parts on a V2-type mechbox. If you're wondering about why I'd mention drop-in mechboxes, it's because I don't have the skills yet to work with the internals of one, and so I'd be much more comfortable using a drop-in first for a replacement, even if I have to pay a bit more than a comparable mechbox built from scratch using separately-obtained parts.

About drop-in V2 mechboxes, is the Lonex V2 mechbox for the M16A2 (which comes with a non-ported cylinder for the long 509mm barrel) from Airsoft Store Canada the best quality and best-priced drop-in for my M15A4 Sportline gun, or are there any other good brands of reasonably-priced (ex. a Systema would be way out of my price range) high-quality drop-in mechboxes sold by other online Canadian airsoft retailers that I should also consider?
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