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Everything's pretty much already been said; Black is primarily used by SWAT/Police Tactical Units, so unless you're going for that, ditch the black vest. See if you can trade it for a CB/OD/RG one.

IF you really like your black, I guess you could use American Desert Night Vision Camo, but the pattern was only experimental, never widely issued, nor very effective. You'd look amazingly badass and unique as all hell (Camo Hipster?), but you'd still stick out.


Seeing as how you live in Barrie, too, which like you said has lots of greens, your best bet would be to go with a green-dominant camo, such as CADPAT, Flecktarn (Remember to PM L473ncy if you want that!), or even Swedish M88. Do a bit of a Google and I'm sure you can come up with a lot of stuff.

Hell, I run Chinese Type 07 Universal, which is Gray/Black/Pine Green/Brown and that works great in the woods I play in. It all comes down to preference and practicality.
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