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I have a set of Medium Flecktarn I'm looking to get rid of, check my sales thread in the Gear and Clothing section for more details (should be visible to non verified members).

But yeah, nothing really goes well with straight black. You'd have to break up the solid black with something (eg. take a rattlecan to it and paint stripes or something). The Nazis actually figured this out in WWII that even in the dead of night that navy blue or dark blue blends in better naturally than black. Reason being is that if there's even a tiny amount of light (eg. from the moon) black stands out way more than dark/navy blue.

I'll try to find some reference pictures for you.

Note that the reason SWAT teams wear all black is because it's "meanacing" and when they're called it's usually for short aggressive CQC engagements where they're kicking down doors, throwing bangers and rescuing hostages or whatever.
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