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Ya u may run into the same issue. Or it could just be a bad casting job on the slide or barrel and u may not have issue with a new one. Does it affect to operation or does it still work fine?
When u first got the gun did u lube up the contact points wherd the barrel and slide/chamber area meet and the slide and frame meet? Prety much all vbb will get scrapes paint wear and minor gouging in the top of slide and where the chamber and slide meet and along the slide rails on the frame.
This is prety normal and happens more so on full metal guns and even more on cheaper guns do to low tolerances in the manufacturing process. An example would be that whole custom metal frame and slide from illusion airsoft or someplace like hurricane or shooters design will be prety high end and have tight tolerences and will work together smoothly with little to no criction and minimal wear on contact points.
Another example would be a high end gun like a tm (tho plastic) or even a ksc will have much beter tolerances then a kjw or a we.
If u are worried about this type of thing happening especially if it renderdd fhe gun useless then just buy a more high end pistol and get sometin that has good aftermarket support so when sometin does break or wear out u can get replacement parts.
Tho id say if u want a cheaper gun i have a kjw m9 that ive used for years i put some upgraded springs in it right away and recently put a lonver tighter inner barrel in it but i beat the heck out of it vet it wet muddy sandy rarly clean and lube it and it works without a hitch verry durable pistol no trade marks rattles around a bit at the slide and the mag but functions fine
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