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But you should still upgrade the rubber. You can at least get your air seal tuned up for spring and test the range when you can finally get outdoors
I think it would be nice to have a slightly-upgraded gun when I actually do participate in the airsoft sport. Are there any known issues to using a full-length M16A4 airsoft gun in terms of size? (Almost everyone has an M4A1-based AEG)


Also, once the stock CA Sportline internals wear out on me, would this drop-in gearbox and motor be appropriate to run on the 8.4V Ni-MH large type batteries (4000mAh Firefox and 3300mAh Elite) I currently own?


I know there are better more-powerful long motors than the one linked above, but I don't want to shell out more money on new LiPo or higher-voltage batteries that are needed to run those.

I also notice with the Lonex gearbox that the store offers a $5 option to add a sorbo+neopad to prevent premature piston failure, but which option (40oo or 70oo hardness) would be the best?
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