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Originally Posted by winterrises View Post
Madbull barrels have been known to be good budget TBBs.
Would I see a good improvement in accuracy (along with FPS and range) with a budget Mad Bull TBB over my stock 6.08mm barrel?

Originally Posted by Towe1ey View Post
When you do install it, check to make sure you aren't firing too hot as the added pressure of a tightbore barrel will increase the air pressure bringing your fps up a bit.
I don't have a chronograph to confirm the current FPS of my M15A4 airsoft gun; all that I know is there's a sticker on the box in came in that indicates it fires at 393 FPS. Based on experience with upgrades on other similar guns, would I still be within the typical FPS limit of an outdoor field with a TBB?
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