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How much of an improvement could I see from a 6.03mm tightbore barrel?

I've been trying to research how I could improve the accuracy of my stock CA M15A4 Sportline Rifle (SP003P-1) and so far I've found two things that could help me with that: running BB Bastard airsoft BBs and having a tightbore barrel. I've already ordered some BB Bastard 0.25g airsoft ammunition, but I have a question.

My airsoft gun currently has the stock CA 6.08mm 509mm barrel that came pre-installed in it, and I'm wondering, based on your experience, how much better does accuracy get with a tightbore 6.03mm barrel, compared to stock barrels that are 6.05mm-6.08mm in diameter?

I'd like to know before I make another good investment on my airsoft gun. I primarily use it to shoot targets, and therefore accuracy is one of my biggest concerns (that's why I got a long M16A4 instead of the typical M4A1).

These are the current results I get with accuracy, shooting a 10m air rifle target at the required distance of 10m (~33') indoors, with my stock airsoft gun and 0.28g Javelin BBs (I've circled two of the off-center shots in red):
My airsoft guns:
Classic Army M15A4 Sportline Rifle (SP003P-1)
Umarex Beretta 92FS Walmart Clearsoft Spring Pistol

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