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Originally Posted by Styrak View Post
TM's are very accurate out of the box. You should be expecting a couple inch groups at 6-7m.
Ouch. While 2" groups may be OK for CQB, they aren't good for IPSC. Engaging my 4" plate rack would become a hit & miss. My Tanfoglio was giving me 1"-1.5" groups and I wasn't happy. My buddy - we bought our Limited Custom pistols at the same time - claims 1cm groups at 7m. And he didn't have to fiddle with sight adjustment and hop-up. Can't say I really believe him, but still, it does make me envious.

Is Hi-Capa's trigger like the 1911 trigger in RS, with almost no pre-travel & no travel? This might also be a problem for me: I need the trigger action to be similar to my CZ Shadow RS. Tanfoglio AS was close enough.

Thanks for helping a noob!
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