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If your new to buying pistols, definitely look at kjw as a good first start, but as illusion said, these are TM clones. For myself, I started off with a kjw p226 that has been quite a workhorse and has taken quite a fair share of abuse ( friends dropping it in play, unrelentless hard semi firing for long strings and putting over 2000 rounds through it without an issue) however if you want something truly amazing you pay for what you get. I recently picked up a tokyo marui hi capa and the thing is a beast. Incredibly accurate with a extremely responsive trigger you can reach extremely high rates of fire with very capable accuracy. This pistol could be ideal to run with in a cqb game as you can have a reliable, fast and accurate pistol. I run it like this and double tapping players couldn't be easier, even at long range!
Was your TM accurate out of the box, or did you have to upgrade? Do you know the group size from, say, 6-7m?

I'm not into CQB, but I will be putting 2,000 rounds through the gun in about a month. I only use AS to practice for RS IPSC matches, and the Tanfo is close enough to my CZ SP-01 Shadow, it even fits the holster.

I thought I have time to shop around for a new AS, but looks like my Tanfo is either dead or dying: the slide no longer returns to battery after a shot.
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