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My package today when checking tracking shows delivered and signed for, but it really hadn't been as I'd been home all day and there was no parcel in my hands nor had I signed for anything. Low and behold after stressing out for almost three hours that my FCC kit was gone it Shows up on my door step. There usually pretty decent around here but this one freaked me out.

Happened to me twice, first time the package (a GBB-R M4) had been left on my front porch door which I never enter through, and the second time the item was marked a second time as out for delivery couple days after.

Now I just received a package from EBairsoft, a flashlight and a pressure pad for it. Received the package wrapped in a transparent plastic from Canada Post stating that they apologize that my item was damaged during mail and it wasn't their fault.

Up to that point, fine.

I open the package, boom !! There's only the pressure pad, not a tiny part of the flashlight is in the package.

I then called the number on the CP plastic.

After half an hour going through the automated messages, talked to a woman saying me that I need to contact the shipper and tell them the item has been damaged, and the shipper will then be able to start an investigation with CP and such.

Wow, how can I tell the shipper that the item has been damaged WHEN I DON'T EVEN HAVE THE BROKEN PARTS.

I hate Canada Post sometimes...
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