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Originally Posted by BloodSport View Post
(that and there always seems to be hot women walking in front of his showroom windows!!)
*edit* I should clarify, the hot women are truly hot women especially the ones coming out of the spa upstairs from him currently. He claims he has not paid any of them to wander around outside as eye candy but I'm still suspicious of that, but hey it works!!

That's just not True dude. I do not entice the ladies upstairs to come out and parade around. They do it voluntarily, they are looking for men who are good with thier hands and good with a Gun.
Now the Pub accross the street with the Hot waitressess and the drunk chicks needing rides home I do have to apologize for. It's a little distracting some days but we manage to get them into some decent pants and sweaters sooner or later.

Ok sorry, I did pay these girls.

and some of these ladies too...

oh yeah, you know about this time....

This was a long time ago before we met....

Damn Wiseowl, you know too much

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