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Considering the GTA has the greatest amount of verifiers in the entire country, and from Oshawa to Hamilton is basically one great big concrete parking lot, some small amount of travel may also be required on the person requiring age verification. Please do not expect our verifiers to come to you, they are all volunteers donating their time to meet and do this (hency why they love donations of tim's coffee). Several of the retailers have verifiers who work for them, Jeroon at ArmyIssue is always there during business hours and will verify you and make your wallet bleed money (he's very very very good at having something you want (not necessarily need although its a bonus when the want and need overlap)) and its always a good trip to Port Credit for the visit (that and there always seems to be hot women walking in front of his showroom windows!!)

*edit* I should clarify, the hot women are truly hot women especially the ones coming out of the spa upstairs from him currently. He claims he has not paid any of them to wander around outside as eye candy but I'm still suspicious of that, but hey it works!! Did I also mention he has gear and toys you want?
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