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Originally Posted by Danneichh View Post
Man, I feel like a jackass. Here I go, telling you that you've bought a great gun, and the next day you've got problems with it. Figures. I know with some AEGs there can be issues with firing in different modes, especially semi auro, but usually I only see that in SAWs with a semi auto option. I wish I could help man, but I'm more of a gas gun guy.
Hey no worries Danneichh. The gun is awesome and for a first gun I think that i made a great choice.

Originally Posted by BennyBoy View Post
My VFCs tend to do that when I short pull the trigger, easily fixed with a switch to auto and a quick burst.
This might actually be it. I do remember short stroking the trigger. From now on when I fire I will pull full strokes
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