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AFAIK all guns will do that. My G&P does that too.

Flip the selector back and forth and pull the trigger. That should do the trick. Usually when I'm tapping semi fire really fast it will seize up like you mention. I just flip to full auto, do a quick burst and it's back to normal when I'm back in semi.

I'm thinking it has to do with the gun not fully cycling before you cut off the power to it resulting in it not "resetting" so that you can pull the trigger again.

As for the 4 BB's falling out, that's normal basically the follower on your mag can't push up any further than the maglip which is lower than where the hop up sits. The only way to prevent that is to flip your rifle upside down and pull the trigger or do the "o-ring mod" which you need to cut at your hop up unit and install an o-ring to retain BB's (if you look at the Madbull "Ultimate HopUp" it has the O-ring BB retention system).
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