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and add that probaby the only aeg that u could use as a secondary would be an mp5k or maybe one of them m4's with no stock and a stuby killer front end and a VN style mag still a lil bulky but doable. also in a milsim type game where youll be in the field quite a while it may be practical to lug a full sized m4 or ak in a rilfe drag bag with a ghillie on it so when u have it folks wont see "that bush over there with the gun bag" u could leave it at yer fall back position or even have it at yer ffp and if shyte hits the fan you could bug out with the aeg instead of the bolt action. Keeping in mind that it may be hours befor you can get back to your ba IF you can get back to it during tue game. Maybe under cover of darkness u can return IF u marked it on gps or IF u are lucky enough to find a ghillied up rifle under a ghillied up bag in the dark without using a flashlight in the woods.
So in that case u may as well just have played with an aeg.
I will however say that in a skirmish setting i often will bring bot my bolt action and an aeg to the field and leave either the bolt action at a central ffp for when we need a sniper or leave the aeg at the respawn for when things are too hairy and an extra assulter on the field will be more usefull to the team then ill fall back ditch the ba grab the aeg and flank on the enemy.
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Thanks Hectic,
While your posts are sometimes a difficult read, you sure are helpfull
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