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Originally Posted by Hectic View Post
What i was asking was after it stopped firing did u try flipping the selector switch around to see if it would fire in a deferent mode.
Also whts the fps on the gun? Have u been firing it out in the cold alot?
I think the lipoy be the cause of the issue tho. The trigger contacts could be burnt up a bit causing it to not fire.
When u took out the barrel did u inspect the cront area of the gearbox for cracks?
Do you know how to remove the gearbox? Its not that hard remove the plate at the end of the grip drop out the motor remove the two screws in the top of the grip
Remove all the pins in the body the gearbox will lift right out of the reciver from there you will be able to see the trigger contacts and check for black/burning on there thatll be the easy thing to check.
Unless u have a mofset in there then the burning shouldnt be the problem.
you know its funny yesterday i took the gun back to the store and we made some mods:

- changed the piston and and piston head
- down graded the spring to m100

when the box was opened up everything looked good. no cracks or anything strange. from what i saw the trigger contacts looked ok too.

I live in vancouver and the temp here has been roughly 1-6 Celsius so i guess you could say its been on the cold side. I am going to head outside now and blast off couple hundred rounds to see if it happens again.

the gun right now is shoot about 330. and no i did not try to switch fire modes when it got stuck but i will again if it happens. will post again after i blast off some rounds
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