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Originally Posted by Hectic View Post
Did try just flipping the selector switch to auto safe semi and try firing when the issue arised? What brand and modle of gun is it? This happens more often on some types of guns. What kind of batery are u using? It could be alot of lil things selector switch trigger contacts wiring maybe evnn tappet plate. The type of gun will help folks diagnose wht the issue may be.

Thanks for the quick response Hectic. My bad on posting up some specs and leaving it so ambiguous. Let me answer these chronologically.

1) The gun was first in safe then i switched to semi to shoot of roughly 15 shots. Then I would the clip again and went from semi to auto and blasted off 30 shots (or whatever it takes to reload the mag). When I went to wind the mag up again is when the gun seized.

2) I have a VFC m4es quake

3) battery is a 7.4v 1100 may 15c lipo

Thanks in advance
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