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gun wont fire

just a question regarding gun not firing. today playing around in the back yard I was tweaking out the hop up and went from shooting in semi to auto. I shot off roughly 10-15 shots in semi then wound up the mag and unloaded in auto. i tried to rewind the mag up and shoot again in auto. This time the gun wouldnt fire literally you would pull the trigger and nothing. At first i thought it would be a BB jam but when i ran the rod through nothing came out. I even removed the barrel from the gun and ran the rod through to make sure that there were no BB left set it back up and tried to fire in auto and nothing. This was in semi mode.

I flipped the gun upside down and then turned the gun to auto and it dry fired a few times with no clip. then I loaded the clip again and was able to fire of rounds. This has happened to me a couple of different times now. Is there a particular reason that this is happening??

In the backyard shooting at the pond and cardboard boxes is no big deal but during a round of CQB or field this would make for one unreliable piece of equipment.

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