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Primary weapon (sniper role): WELL L96 "Vanessa" (the sneaky b*tch) - pdi hopup, madbull 409mm x 6.03mm tightbore, suppressor - 3x 25rd mags (suppressor used to quiet the shot not to hide inner barrel .. it works, its quieter than a TM VSR G-Spec)
Secondary weapon (spotter role): G&G M16A3 MAX - ACOG 4x32 - 8x 75rd emags
Tertiary Weapon: KJW 1911 MEU - 2x co2 mags

Sniper Role

Voodoo Tactical Sniper's Padded Belt
-2x .308 mag pouch (holds L96 mags amazingly)

VT Nylon BDU Belt
-Blackhawk Serpa 1911 drop leg holster

Jackal suit ( in Killer Kamo pattern (more diverse than woodland, almost like a multicam)

Spotter Role

VT Nylon BDU Belt
-Blackhawk Serpa 1911 drop leg holster

MAR-CIRAS (clone)
-triple AR mag pouch (6x mags, 2 per pouch)
-admin pouch (maps, comm protocols, etc)
-dump pouch (draw string to tighten the opening)
-Wouxun KG-UVD1P radio w/ Cavalvy headset/ptt (one piece, not separate ptt)
-multitool pouch
-Camelback 2.5L
-10x25mm binos
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