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I completely understand where you guys are coming from, and I'll do everything I can to clear things up. First our website has a link to the fundraiser as well, so this isn't just me doing this fundraiser.

If you look at the fundraiser page( you'll see that it was authored by Ross Jutras, which is me. My name is also found on the GMSOG staff page here
I'm putting my name on this, which especially in our sport based on honor and integrity means something.

For those with questions about the child, his name is Micheal, he is 13 and he has Mitochondrial Disease.

What has been pointed out is correct. The money raised by this fundraiser is going to funding a new field, not a donation to the Make-A-Wish foundation. The former GMSOG field was a leased property that we were not able to renew for this year. As for the excavator, that is owned by another field member who runs a landscaping business. The helicopters are not owned by us, they are rented. We can only afford to rent them once or twice a year, and even then that takes all of the money earned from hosting our events. If you look at our staff page you'll see that more than half of us are college age kids. We don't have money to put into the field we love. All of us work without pay at GMSOG, I've never earned a single cent from working there.

We don't have a field right now, or the money to pay for one. We're running out of time to get this set up so we're asking for help. We want to both make Micheal's wish come true and continue to provide a place for the local kids to play in the future. Most of you will never come to our field, and I realize that. We're close enough to the border that we have had at least a few of you come play before, and we would like to see more of you.

If I'm still seen as a scammer, mods please remove this post. I'm sorry for wasting your time.

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