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Oh we do hate you, just never felt like wasting the time to give you a user title :P
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Primary upgraded vsr10 clone 500+fps. .36. Or. .40 bbs with a woodland based ghillie wrap
Backup gemtech oasis 400fps. .30
Backup backup kjw m9 380fps. .30
Woodland bdu with goretex pants sometimes the jacket too depending how wet/muddy or swampy the field is
Goretex boots
Woodland based ghillie "cape" and a woodland boonie also ghillied out with a veil.
3 rifle mags one in rifle two in a dbl pistol mag pouch just above my drop leg
2x each pistol mags one in each pistol extra in each holster pouch
M9 in a drop leg oassis in a custom holster on the belt around back
Radio with throat mike and ptt in breast pocket
A whole sh*t load of patience
Thats about it.
Sometimes i bring a camle back if its not just skirmish play cause then yer likely to be in the field for a few hours or more at a time with no break.
If i wer you id play with an aeg. See what style of play you like if you are a run n gun type a bolt action isnt really for you.
If you find yourself cawling through the mud laying in wait to ambush guys all the time while relayin info back to command while tryin to pic and choose that one shot that wont compromise your position and then realizing that u just cnt quite get the range from your aeg and then u give away your position after you fire then u may wanna consider bjilding a good bolt action.
Figure the cost of the rifle plus about 500 bucks or more in upgrades.
Maybe 15 to 20 hours worth of building a decent ghillie suit and alot of games where u either never fire a shot or u wind up ditchin your rifle after the opfor walks past u and u come up from their rear and take some out with uour pistol.
I personnaly love playing the sniper role. Im even getting decent at it and that one awesome shot/kill makes my day when i get it. Also stalking the enemy fivuring out where they are goin/ what they are planing and relaying the info back to command is quite helpfull to the team but rally only u will give yourself the credit at the end of the day. Airsoft snipers arent all gloryous like hllywood snipers just keep that in mind lol.
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Hectic....FFS start writing in coherent sentences!!!
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Thanks Hectic,
While your posts are sometimes a difficult read, you sure are helpfull
Lvl. 3 certified sniper

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