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I sit here asking the same kinda questions. When I looked at the link I saw a use of a chopper... (NICE) but fuel & insurance must be through the roof. Looks like you already have a field and can do with what you want (ie using a machine to dig trenches and fox holes for you on site when you have 60 minutes to "dig-in").

When I last looked you had $40.00 donated.
I didn't see anything but a small blurb about the Make-a-wish foundation and what the "wish" is. Now I could have missed that part but I went on actively looking for that information and found nothing.

Usually a 'Wish' from "Make-A-Wish Foundation" is for that individual/child/kid... Example, going to meet Mickey Mouse and MAWF puts up the bill for the family to go to Disney or something. This sounds like you want to make a field (looks like this is already covered) for the child but it reality it would be used by EVERYONE would it not? Or would you be DESTROYING the field once "Timmy" gets his wish? Cause gouging me for any donation for a field that would be used by all is not only dishonest but degrading.

I know the financial situation in the states is bleak, but this is a low blow when trying to use a good foundation for your gain is disrespectful for not only me but the sport in general.

I have acquaintances in the offices of "Make-A-Wish Foundation" that I've contacted to see if this is the "Real-Deal"...

We'll see...

If I'm wrong I'll retract my statements... But until now, there are more questions I'm asking than not.

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