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My name is Rémy, 35 years old. French Canadian.
I live in the Montreal area (south shore).
Looks to have a lot of new guys here that lives around.
I passed tons of hours reading FAQ, Newbie tank, sticky's and classified since 2011.
Almost time to get involved.
2 children and a newborn for july 2013 under the hood, so I take my time to choose right and find out where to play with what kind of stuff.
I played paintball intermittently for 15 years and airsoft looks to be my next wargame. Tired of painting. Now the paint goes on the walls of my house and on the fingers of my kids.
My main hobby is ''professionnal'' RC car racing (electric sedan) for 5-6 years.
I'm in electronics (R&D) with mechanical skills and knows a lot in the battery, charger, mosfets, soldering, wiring departments so an AEG is naturaly the way to go for me.
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