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i put the link up there is no need to search they have a video for just about every gearbox there is and include removeal from the gun and how to shim and all the how to's u could ever need.
and a popcan chrony is okay for getting an idea of what yer gun shoots but doin thay and findin out yer gun shoots "around" 350 then gettin the the indoor facility and being turned away because yer shootin 365 isnt all that helpfull especially for a new player. Some of the guys who have been around a long while can probably be trusted to use a slightly hot gun safely but nobody is gonna let "the new guy" who has little to no experiance use a hot gun maybe +5 fps but thats about it the are more likely to make a bad choice in a heavy fire fight and hit someone with a long burst or in the face/head area and cause injury. Most hosts wouldnt risk that i dont think thats why limits are set to begin with so folks dont get hurt.

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You should look up videos online if you want to do it your self. First go to youtube and type ''How to disassemble m4 v2 Gearbox'' or look for ''mechbox'' on youtube, they have videos which really help.

In Cqb the fps limit is mostly around 350 +/-, I would recommend getting A m90 spring, 20 fps more indoors doesn't really matter, m90 springs put less stress. so why not?

Also you don't need to get a chrono, look up the Pop Can chrono, works real well, look for the video that Airsoftgi made, really helpful.
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Thanks Hectic,
While your posts are sometimes a difficult read, you sure are helpfull
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