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.20 compared to what?
I dont think most people use 20's unless in cqb. Some (cqb) fields only allow 20's to keep the energy down for safety. Namely ttac i remember when Brian came to our sniper clinic a few years back and learnd about the energy of diferent weights of bbs and such and then made the. 20 only rule.
Otherwise 20 are useles for outdoor ranges lotts folks wont really fell em at 400fps they wont have much energy after abojt 150ft
For outdoors i think most folks run 25-30 depending on their base velocity (with 20) and how effective their hop up is.
I run 28 and 30 in my aeg and pistols and 36 and 40 in my sniper rifle.
If u are usein 12 just throw that shit in the garbage now befor u ruin you hop up with the seams on those crappy walmar/canadian tire bb's order up some(or see your local retailer im not familer with hamilton airsoft dealers) some good bb's like bbbastards in 25 or 28 weight youll be happy.
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Thanks Hectic,
While your posts are sometimes a difficult read, you sure are helpfull
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