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Originally Posted by Cammer View Post
They are mostly in the low VHF range and since the wattage is low they don't carry very far. We usually are inbetween 50 and 60 Mhz and it is pretty empty. It sure does give you an appreciation for the radio guys carrying another 25 -30 lbs around.
Cool, Amateur radio law is pretty strict on who is allowed to transmit and on what frequencies so I was just wondering how they run it for the game where there are is likely to be few licensed people around.
50-54 Mhz is the only amateur band those radios will hit. Low power or not its still the law. Even low power at those frequencies can travel surprisingly far.

And trust me, I know what its like to hump radios around being a Siggy and all :P

Originally Posted by Basic-Wedge View Post
Plus, East Wind takes place over a large area out in the middle of Nowhere, Oklahoma. It's for certain, our comms won't be bothering anyone else.
Again, even low power at those frequencies can travel surprisingly far. There is a reason the 6 meter band is used for near world wide communications. and right now with the sun spots being very active, worldwide comms is entirely possible.

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