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Twenty fps isnt gonna make much difference. Lets put it like this. A 350 fps aeg performs just as well as a 400 fps aeg. The same m4 with the same hop up only 350 vs 400 will perform nearly the same. The one difference is u may run. .25 in the 350 and. .28 in the 400 the range will be the same the accurecy will be about the same. Sniper rifle goin from 400-500 makes a bit of a difference but most of the difcerence is noticed because of increasing tue bb weight from. .30's to. .40's cause the higher fps can effectively push the heavier weight thats abut it. Heavier bb less efected by wind and can cary greater energy out to a further range. In aeg velocities and ranges youll still be good to about 200ft with 350-400 fps. Hell even a stock TM m4 at 280fps with a good hopup can shoot. .20's that far or. .25's that far its just hard for folks to feel em through gear.
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