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Didnt know bome depot was doin airsoft now, nice lmao.
And yes you will have to take the whole gearbox apart. Good time to degreass and regrease and properly shim the gears too. If u dont know wht ur doin u can do more harm then good. Im prety handy but when my first gun cracked the gearbox i got a new shell cheap and tryed to rebuild it twice and just couldnt get it workin correctly it is easy once u learn but u dont wanna be learning on yer brand new toy only to f it up and have to buy gears or somethin too cause of a bad shim job. Plus to do it right youll have to buy bushings and or shims and grease and such.
We are juzt tryin to give u sound advice. Get somethin that shoots 400 or less game it a bit then see if u want to buy somethin more fancy or not.
Airsoft (sven with all the recent price drops) iz not a cheap sport to play. You sill probably spend 3-500 on a decent gameable gun. 100 bucks or so on boots and if u want 100 or so on some cammo. Then you will need a chest rig or at least a belt and some mage pouches some extra mags so u dont just have one rattley ass hicap. Maybe an extra batery and some good eye protection do yourself a favor save up 500-1000 bucks and get everything u need to play safely and u wont regret it. If h do regret it u can resell everything for very little loss after u vet AV'd.
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Hectic....FFS start writing in coherent sentences!!!
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Thanks Hectic,
While your posts are sometimes a difficult read, you sure are helpfull
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