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I purchased one of these about four years back. Found that it was very uncomfortable around the eyes, and that it aggrivated goggle fogging. Decided to line the eye holes with memory foam to increase the comfort. Not only did this make the mask more wearable, it also completely sealed the goggles off from most of the moisture! I now have a setup that refuses to fog, no matter what the circumstances. Almost time to replace the foam, though...
The masks (at least mine) are made of fiberglass. They will take some hits, but I would be cautious of them in cold weather. You know what they say about getting into an accident with a Corvette in the winter...


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I used to use the mesh lower and goggles, but have switched to one of these

I cut the eyes and forehead out, basically making it a lower only. Put a few holes in the mask for air. It feels better on my face than one of those small mesh masks, The bigger mesh masks might feel better comfort wise but Im trying to get away from bigger.

Im always on the hunt for something better, but until then.
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