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Here's the Virtual Kit Inspection I pulled together for my participation in EW6:

1. Canadian issue OD combat scarfs (2).
2. Canadian C1 steel helmet w/Woodland camouflage cover, helmet band, netting and scrims.
3. Canadian bush cap.
4. OD wool toques (2).
5. OD Balaclavas (2).
6. Canadian issue gloves (3).

1. Canadian issue combat coat (1st generation Gore-Tex) w/rank slip-on.

1. OD combat shirts (4).
2. OD combat pants (4).

1. Wool socks (8).
2. Long-john pants (3).
3. Long-john shirts (3).
4. Warmth layer (CF issued OD fleece pants).
5. Warmth layer (CF issued OD fleece shirt).

1. Canadian issue wind pants w/suspenders.
2. Canadian issue rain jacket (w/rank slip-on) and rain pants.
3. Belts (2).
4. Laundry bag.
5. Waterproof compression bag (CF Valise).
6. Canadian issue OD rain poncho.
7. Dead rags (2).

1. '82 pattern webbing (belt, yoke, straps).
2. Field dressing (secured with hockey tape).
3. Pace beads.
4. Carabiner.
5. C7 double magazine pouches.
6. Utility pouch.
7. Canteen pouches (2).
8. C7 bayonet, scabbard, and frog.
9. Butt pack.
10. KFS carrier.
11. '82 pattern holster.

1. CF issue '64 pattern rucksack (airborne style).
2. Individual Protective Equipment (IPE) bag.
3. U.S. 2L canteen cover.

1. FogTech wipes (100 pack).
2. OD knee pads.
3. Equipment cleaning cloth.
4. Spare boot laces (3).
5. Heroshark mesh goggles.
6. ESS Advancer goggles with interchangeable lenses.
7. Spare boot bands.

1. Miniature Canadian flag and stickers.
2. Entrenching tool w/carrier.
3. USGI angle head flashlight w/coloured lens inserts and batteries.
4. Identity disks.
5. Gun tape.
6. Brassard.
7. Silva "Ranger" compass (mils).
8. Camo cream.
9. CF issue map protractor.
10. FMPs w/pens.

1. Stormproof matches and BIC lighters.
2. U.S. 1L canteens (3).
3. Canteen cup w/cover, Tang, Mio, and coffee packets.
4. Esbit stove w/Hexamine fuel tablets.
5. Water purification tablets.
6. Melmac plate, bowl, and cup.
7. KFS - knife, fork, spoon set.
8. U.S. 2L canteen.

1. Canadian issue wet weather Gore-Tex combat boots.
2. Canadian issue MkIV combat boots.

1. Propane and propylene gas cylinders.
2. C7 GBBR magazines (will have 9).
3. GasCans w/silicone oil.
4. BBs (5,000).
5. BB loaders.
6. Inglis Canada Mk2 Hi-Power (removable orange tip) w/magazines.
7. Xcortech 3200 chronograph.
8. 5.11 Tactical folding combat knife and CF issue Gerber Multi-Plier 600.

GBBR armorer's tools. Spare batteries for chronograph.

1. CF issue self-inflating sleeping pad w/valise/inflater.
2. CF issue "Black Betty" air mattress.
3. CF issue Ranger blanket.
4. Gore-Tex bivy bag.
5. CF issue Arctic sleeping bag (outer).
6. CF issue Arctic sleeping bag (inner w/liner).
7. Waterproof compression bag (CF Valise).
8. NATO standard folding cot.

It took over a year for me to get to his point. Most items were purchased as surplus from local dealers and eBay sellers, but several key items: the rucksack, Hi-Power, combat boots, and one of my C7A1s were purchased through the ASC classified sections.

With eight weeks to go, I still need to add photos of my two C7A1 GBBR rifles, my winter white cammo, and other assorted odds and ends.

The reason for doing these virtual inspections is to establish that you do, indeed, have all the required items, and to save time by not having to go through a kit inspection upon arriving at the event site. By the rules of the event, you cannot participate unless you have each and every required kit item (plus any other items you may need to keep yourself in the fight).

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Rob Bye

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