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I'll link what i put in mine.
cylider head. screws into the
end of the piston tube:

lightweight, much stronger piston:

piston head:

pdi hop up chamber. works only with aeg barrels.

tightbore barrel:

barrel spacers to reduce barrel vibration:

you will also need the silencer adapter, as the barrel will protrude a little bit out from the end. I anyways find that the silencer dampens the sound somewhat:

And this hop up rubber:

Remember that if you use the pdi hop up chamber you will also need the aeg barrel. It will not work with the barrel that comes with the L96. Also dont forget that when you install the hop up rubber, turn the rubber a half a turn. The reason for this is the pdi hop up uses two independent arms to aply pressure the top of the bb. This allows you to adjust the accuracey very precisely. If the little nub on the new hop up is in the way, it will render the two arms useless.
Also, the Airsoft Canada store and Airsot are two very different places.
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