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Virtual PCI

With just under 60 days to go I have posted up my Virtual PCI (Pre Combat Inspection). By doing this we let the organisers that we are ready to go with all the equipment needed and there is one less inspection for them to do on the first day. It is almost perfect but I have a little tweaking to do. I am somewhat helping out by supplying the West German Radios so they are added to the bottom.

If anybody would like to join in this year as a full time player it is still quite possible as most players have extra gear to loan out if needed. If you just join in for a few days there is virtually no gear to get.


1. Four jackets
2. 4 Hosen
3. 2 belts
4. Deutche Name Tapes
5. BW blousing Bands


1. Sweater
2. 3 sweatshirts
3. 12 undershirts
4. 10 tighty whities
5. 2 long underwear
6. Track suit
7. 8 socks


1. Kevlar Vest
2. Radio Pouch
3. Flashlight pouch
4. Compass pouch
5. Mag Pouches
6. Shovel pouch
7. Canteen pouch

Inclement Weather Wear

1. Parka and Liner
2. Gortex Jacket and Pants
3. Touque
4. Kevlar Gloves


1. Gortex Boots
2. Spare
3. Polishing Set


1. Poncho liner
2. Rain Poncho
3. NBC Poncho
4. Half Shelter
5. Snow Poncho


- Helmet
- Beret
- Patrol Cap
- Goofy Cap

Essen and Trinken

1. 3 days rations
2. Lunch pail
3. Canteen
4. Extra Water
5. Water Tablets
6. Kaffee Cup
7. KFS
8. Esbit


1. 65l Pack
2. 35l Packs
3. Duffle Bag
4. Laundry Bag
5. Dry Bag


1. 4 season Bag
2. Cot
3. Kip Mat
4. Self Inflating Mat


1. Der Reibert (How to be a German Soldier)
2. Waterproofed Map
3. Braithkamp Kassel Compass
4. Goggles with Bifocals (so I can read the map)
5. Notebooks
6. Tritium watch so I don`t keep everybody out an extra 1 1/2 hours when I canít read it.
Very period Omega hammer wind automatic
7. Pocket Knife
8. Pace counter

Misc Gear

- Camo Paint
- Medic Kit
- Deuchemarks
- Dead Rags
- Triangular Bandage

Personal Gear

Weapons to be posted when I decide what to bring.

Team Items


- Bundeswehr
- Deutcheland
- Berlin

Communication Equipment

1. 2 SEM 35s
2. 4 SEM 52s
3. Phone Relay System
4. Antenna Equipment
Learn this well fellows. Over the years we have seen as many missions blown by shoddy land nav as we have seen disrupted by enemy action. You can be the baddest kung fu ninja assault swat sniper commandos in the world and still fail if you can't get to the fight.
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